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Stay motivated with fellow last rounders and a certified group instructor. Group classes are capped at a maximum of 10 students per class. Group fitness is for men and women of all ages. This fits the perfect fitness alternative for trainees seeking benefits of 1on1 personal training feel but at an economical price. There are many benefits of small group fitness: Fun, Focused Attention, Added Motivation and Costs Effective . . . just to name a few.

*Note: Group Classes are limited to 10 participants maximum. You may reserve your own group class or join in on another group. Classes last 50 minutes unless otherwise indicated.



Class Break down: 5 minute active stretch warm up 15 minutes of Shadow boxing basic drills and fitness 20 minutes circuit training. Class breaks into separate stations: bag drills pad work with instructor partner drill Fitness exercises 10 minute Summer circuit (focused on Abs, Butt, Arms) 5 minute stretch Class done. 


Please Note: Our New 2023 Class Schedule with New Boxing Classes, New Sparring Classes.

7:00 AM
- Isaac | 8:00 AM Brandon | 12:00 PM - Amber | 5:30 PM - Chang | 6:30 PM - Julie

7:30 AM
- Josh | 12:00 PM - Freddie | 5:30 PM - Alex | 6:30 PM - Brandon

6:30 AM
- Isaac | 7:30 AM Chang | 12:00 PM - Isaac | 5:30 PM - Amber | 7:00 PM- Julie (Sparring Class)

7:30 AM
- Alex | 12:00 PM - Freddie | 5:30 PM - Josh | 6:30 PM- Alex

7:00 AM
- Chang | 8:00 AM Isaac | 12:00 PM - Chang | 5:30 PM - Julie

10:00 AM
- Amber | 11:00 AM Isaac | 11:00 AM Female Sparring | 12:30 PM Male Sparring


Isaac Soto | Juliette LaDisa | Nicole Campbell | Freddie Soto | Alex Rodriquez | Chang Feliciano | Kelly Gore

Fighting Footwork
with Alex
Fundamentals and Progression with Freddie
Olympic Style Boxing with Isaac
Technical Boxing with Chang
Punching and Power with Amber
Conditioned to Fight with Julie
Box with Precision with Josh

Class Rates: $35 per class

Class Membership
: $165 monthly  (35 Classes per Month)
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35 Small Group Classes + 3 rounds of daily scheduled Padwork sessions!

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Premium Membership: $200 monthly  (Includes 35 Classes per Month plus 3 rounds of daily scheduled Padwork with our trainers (between the hours of 7am-10am and 5pm - 8pm) . )
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